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Amaar is one of the largest manufacturers of booth garage door and openers in the United States and has been since they started production in 1951. They have over three thousand garage door styles, which provides customers with the versitility to get exactly the look and function that they are looking for in their garage doors. A technician from Philadelphia Garage Doors can help you cut through the thousands of style and function combinations to find exactly what you need, within your price range. Amarr has models that have increased noise cancellation, energy efficiency or their patented Pinch Protection system.

amarr garage doors

Philadelphia Garage Doors installs a range of Amarr garage doors for homes and businesses.

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PGD technicians can show you a number of styles to find the one that works for you.


What type of Amarr garage door would be right for you?

This is the main question that customers have to ask themselves when purchasing new garage doors. Having a garage door installed is a costly service so making sure that you have made the right selection for your home or business is extremely important. The first key is to identify what your “must haves” are for your garage door. Does you vehicle create low clearance inside of the garage? If so, then an opener which maximizes clearance may be most important to you, while those with garages directly under a bedroom may have a top priority of keeping the system running as quietly as possible. No matter your exact needs, trust that the professionals from Philadelphia Garage Doors are going to be able to find the correct combination of cost and features to meet you needs.

Identifying the needs of your garage door is one step, and once this has been completed, customers must decide what type of look is going to be best fro their home. In many cases a garage door is front and center of a residential property, meaning that the right garage door can set the tone for the entire outside of your home. With finishes that include steel, aluminum and faux wood, Amarr certainly has the range of styles that a home or business owner would want to view before making a final decision. Want to give your home a very modern look? Then a clean steel flush panel door may be the choice for you. While other home owners may prefer the aged look that a Biltmore estate wood finish door would provide. Whether you are one of the two extremes above, or somewhere in between, our technicians can find the style that you want in your Amarr garage doors.

Not only are our technician able to install entire Amarr garage doors for you, they are also to repair and replace parts on existing systems. Our professional and insured technicians give you piece of mind that your home is being treated with care throughout the process. Avoid the risk of disappearing contractors by choosing the technicians from Philadelphia Garage Doors all of our installation services come with a warranty guarantee in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty. From start to finish our professional technicians can walk you through the garage door installation process. First helping you define your needs and helping you select the right style, then providing comprehensive installation. If this process takes you to the purchase of Amarr garage doors, then count on our specialists to get the job done right!

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