Complete Easy Garage Door Maintenance to Avoid Bigger Issues

Every year the statistics come in of how many deaths were caused by a garage door, now most of you may be thinking no way a garage door can’t kill someone. Regrettably you are wrong year after year deaths occur that could have been avoided by a few simple repairs and regular garage door maintenance. It is something as easy as checking that all your screws are tight in your hinges that can save a life. Garage doors weigh almost three hundred pounds and if they come smashing down on top of you chances are you will definitely be injured but if they come crashing down on your child or pet the result can be devastating.

A game played by children called beat the door, we see it in movies and even we occasionally do it too. Push the button for the garage door and run out before it closes leaping over your sensors and looking just like something out of a movie. Your kids already think you are a super hero and this just confirmed it so now they want to be just like you, the standard height for where a garage door opener panel is to be placed is at least 5 feet off of the ground just so young children are unable to reach it. But many garage door companies do not follow all the rules and contractors who are not licensed garage door professionals kind of like the ones who built your home have never even heard of garage door standards.

Look how high is your panel off the ground? Is there a box, table or anything else a small child could climb up to reach the button? This can be your first step in ensuring your garage door is a safe running garage door.

Now you can go around and check the hinges on your garage door, are the screws tight are there any missing screws? Do they look rusted? A minor inspection and a few twist of a screw driver and not only save you money on more costly repairs if left alone but also can give you the peace of mind that your door is safe.

Garage door springs are the most common garage door repair; they become worn out or snap. These are an easy danger to spot but knowing the warning signs will help you identify when it is time to get a garage door repair technician out to change your springs. If you use your garage door everyday you are probably aware of the noise it makes when opening and closing your first clue as to when something may be wrong is when that noise becomes louder or you hear a grinding sound. That will mean the springs are getting worn out and will need to be changed, the changing of your springs can ensure that your door will not come crashing down unexpectedly or even worse become stuck in the down position making your garage unusable.

Whenever your garage door doesn’t seem like it usually do you should always trust your gut and give it a nice inspection. Ten minutes out of your day can save a life take the time. For more information on garage door repairs and maintenance give your local garage door company a call.