Garage Door Openers: Perfect Home Upgrade

One of the best investments I have made in my home would have to be the addition of a garage door opener, who would have thought a simple little piece of equipment could drastically improve the daily functions of my entire family. Aside from the obvious advantage of being able to open and close my garage door while inside the warmth of my car the addition of the opener also helped with my son’s ability to gain access to the house while no one was home. Since he is unable to keep the key to the front door for more than a week he now is able to punch in the code on the keypad outside of the garage and poof he is inside.

Garage Door Benefits

Before the use of the garage was solely for storage of my vehicle and random odds and ends that had no place in the attic or basement, but now the garage has become the main point of entry and exit of our home for our entire family. I used to dread pulling into the driveway after a long days work only to have to get out of my car in the rain or even worse snow to open up the door and rush back to my car to pull it inside. Now with just a simple push of a button while I am driving up the street and my garage door is open with the light on waiting for me to arrive home. Many people do not consider a garage door opener a luxury item, unless they have never had the pleasure of owning one. Since the garage door opener was very inexpensive it made for the perfect upgrade to our home and was installed in only a few short hours. When you are considering adding a little luxury to your home remember that a garage door opener will be the cheapest and most used add on item for your home. When I was searching for a garage door company who was able to come out and perform the service the same day I was pleased to learn that Philadelphia Garage doors was not only local but also available 24/7.

Garage Door Opener Benefits

You see with my crazy work schedule finding a company who is able to make an appointment with me is not always the easiest, but with Philadelphia Garage Doors I was able to give them my information and have the service done that same day. When the technician arrived he had a few different openers for me to choose from and since my garage door has never been serviced since we moved in he was also able to replace our springs and a few rollers while he was there too, which was awesome since I barely had enough time for that appointment. Within a few hours I had a new garage door opener installed in my newly repaired garage and still had enough time on my day off to get my errands done before dinner time. Before I considered adding a garage door opener to my garage I never really thought much of the space I was wasting in there. But now that we are able to open and close that extremely heavy door with a push of a button we use our garage for so many other things now, we added a dart board and hold weekly tournaments with our friends and neighbors. I also added an extra refrigerator which is great for when my wife goes a bit crazy at Sam’s Club and the super market. I would like to say that the addition of our garage door opener installed by the professionals at Philadelphia Garage Door has made our garage the place to be on the block every Friday night.

For more information on which garage door openers is right for you give the guys a Philadelphia Garage Doors a call 24/7 to set up your appointment to upgrade your way of living.