Garage Door Services in Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia Garage Door service is the premier garage door replacement, garage door installation and garage door repair company in the city of brotherly love. With over 30 years experience in the field there is really no garage door service we have not been able to complete. From replacing broken springs, installing a new opener and even completely replacing your entire garage door. Our skilled professional Philadelphia Garage Door technicians have all been fully licensed, insured and bonded and constantly provide a full service warranty on all of the garage door services they perform.

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Since our great city is made up of a hard working class Philadelphia Garage Doors understands that being available 24 hours a day is a must. Since most of our clientele works during normal business hours we have made sure that all of our garage door services are available when you need them regardless of what time of day it may be.

There is nothing worse than pulling into your driveway only to find out your garage door opener is no longer opening. But it is 7 o’clock at night so who is going to come out and assist you; with out charging you a “after hours fee”? No worries Philadelphia Garage Door service has skilled garage door technicians standing by 24/7 365. With one quick call into our customer service team you will have one of our garage door repair technician at your door within a few minutes, ready to get your garage door back up and running like it should.

Each of our Philadelphia Garage Door technicians arrive in a clearly marked mobile service unit which they keep stocked with all the parts, tools and equipment needed to perform any garage door service you may need. Since we keep a large stock of various garage door parts most of our garage door repair calls can be completed the same day you make the appointment. The same goes for our garage door replacement services, keeping stock in the most common doors used in our area our garage door replacement technicians are able to complete your garage door replacement usually within the same week of your appointment. Just because we keep stock of garage doors it does not mean our reach is limited, any type of garage door you request can and will be ordered and installed in the quickest amount of time.

Free Garage Door Inspection

Our garage door service members offer a free home consultation with each service call we receive whether you are looking to replace your entire door and need some assistance in choosing the correct door for your needs. Our replacement specialist will walk you through all the various options you have including the types of garage door openers that will work with your choice. If a garage door repair is all you require our repair technicians will not only fix whatever the issue may be but also walk you through a complete garage inspection to help you better understand the ways to maintain your garage door to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Our Philadelphia Garage Door staff is always here to help you with any garage door service, question or problem you may have. Give us a call twenty four hours a day seven days a week and see for yourself why Philadelphia Garage Doors is the area’s leading garage door service provider.