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Philadelphia Garage Doors gets tons of garage door services calls each and every day, one of the most common garage door repair service calls we receive is for garage door spring replacement. The garage door springs are what allows your garage door to open and close with ease and after continued use the garage door spring becomes weak and worn out. When your garage door spring is not as strong as it should be it can snap making the operation of your garage door not only dangerous but also extremely difficult. Philadelphia Garage Doors carries a wide selection of different sized and types of garage door springs so when it is time to get your garage door springs replacement you can be sure that Philadelphia Garage Doors has exactly the right garage door spring you need in stock. However spring replacement is not the only garage door repair service that Philadelphia Garage Doors offers.

Another common garage door service call Philadelphia Garage Doors receives is for garage door openers, you see just like any other machine the garage door opener requires regular maintenance to keep running as smoothly as it should. Our Philadelphia Garage Doors technicians have in their mobile service units all the necessary tools and parts needed to repair or replace any garage door openers on the market. When your garage door opener is malfunctioning it can disrupt your life more than you could imagine but Philadelphia Garage Doors is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week so regardless of when you make the decision to have your garage door opener repaired you can be sure that Philadelphia Garage Doors can and will have a certified garage door opener mechanic out to your location as soon as possible. Along with garage door springs your garage door cable also can wear out over time leaving your garage door inoperable, when this occurs it can quickly turn into an emergency situation. Many people rely on their garage door to gain access into their home or house their vehicle, so when they are unable to get into the garage door they can become stranded. And being stranded is never a good experience; this is why Philadelphia Garage Doors makes sure that we always have our emergency garage door specialist on call ready to go 24/7.

Thinking about having a garage door opener installed? It is a wise decision. Having a garage door opener installed at your home can make access to your more convenient for yourself than ever. Without having to get out of your vehicle, you can open the garage door with just a push of a button. Not only can you use remotes to operate your garage door opener, but many openers now are fitted with the latest in smart technology which can allow you to open or close your garage door from anywhere in the world. With so many makes and models of openers available, Philadelphia Garage Doors is sure to find one that will offer you exactly the features and cost that you are looking for.


garage door opener

Before image of a garage door in need of an installed opener.


liftmaster garage opener

A completed Liftmaster opener installation from Philadelphia Garage Doors.

Another pesky part of the garage door is the garage door panels, usually these are the least of our garage door repair techs worries since for the most part they are pretty sturdy. But on occasion Philadelphia Garage Doors will get a repair call for garage door panel replacement. There are a few ways your garage door panels can become damaged, maybe there was a strong wind storm or maybe one of the hinges inside the garage door became loose causing the panels to shift or perhaps you were teaching your child how to park the car and they decided to drive right into the garage door smashing the panels and cause the garage door to become stuck. The possibilities are endless but regardless of what cause your garage door panel to need repair Philadelphia Garage Doors is here ready to come right out to your home and take care of whatever garage door services you are in need of.

What brand of garage door opener is right for your residential or commercial location?


Chamberlain offers two distinct types of openers, those with chain drives and those with belt drives. MyQ Smart Phone control, developed by Chamberlain, allows for you to access your garage from anywhere in the world.

Genie is a popular opener in the United States based out of the state of Ohio and while the installation of one is not generally recommended by our technicians, they are still able to repair and install them if need be.

Raynor is another highly recommended American garage door opener manufacturer. Based out of Ohio, Raynor has models that offer solutions to limited overhead clearance in addition to a myriad of features which come standard.

Liftmaster openers are the most common opener that Philadelphia Garage Doors installs and with good reason. Liftmaster is known for being one of the most reliable opener manufacturers in the nation as well as a leader in innovation.

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