Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Repair And Replacement Service!

Chamberlain is a brand of chamberlain opener repair that has not been around as long as some of the other name brands, but still offers some of the finest durability and cost efficiency in the industry. Not only do they offer affordable and long lasting products, but Chamberlain also offers cutting edge features which make accessing your garage door extremely easy. Offering both chain and belt drive models Chamberlain has a solution for the exact needs of your home or business, and with the Good Housekeeping seal of approval you can count on Chamberlain products to work for the long run.

Chain Drive Options

chamberlain chain drive

Chain drive offers a less expensive and slightly nosier operation than Belt drive.


Chamberlain has six chain drive garage door opener models for customers to choose from. The motors range in strength from 1/2 HP to 3/4 HP. Additional features such as MyQ Smart Phone control are available for higher end models. Chain drive refers to the mechanism which raises and lowers the garage door itself, in this case a metal chain is rotated to raise and lift the garage door. This has two effects, one it creates a bit of noise during operation and can need repairs down the line due to chain wear and tear. Belt drives are known to be more reliable and that is accounted for by the slight difference in price between the two drives.

Chain Drive Models: PD210D, PD610D, PD212D, PD612EV, PD752D and PD752KEV
Estimated Cost with Parts and Installation: $300-$700 Contact for a Quote

Belt Drive Options

chamberlain belt drive

Belt drives from Chamberlain offer smoother operation and reduced noise.

Belt drive systems from Chamberlain are a slight step up from chain drive systems but can offer many of the same convenient features. In addition to having a motion sensor to prevent damage when closing, some Belt drive models come equipped with MyQ capabilities to make accessing your garage door system as easy as unlocking your phone. The biggest benefit that the Belt drive has over a chain drive is the reduced noise as well as a longer lifetime. You may desire a belt drive for its reduced noise when dealing with a garage door system that is directly underneath of a bedroom or other common living area. Increased durability and in some cases a lifetime warranty make belt drives a longer lasting choice.
Belt Drive Models:HD200D, PD210D, PD610D, PD212D, PD612EV and PD752KEV
Estimated Cost with Parts and Installation: $350-$950 Contact for a Quote

MyQ Smart Phone Control

chamberlain myq

Customization from Chamberlain’s MyQ allows you to receive all types of notifications.


MyQ Smart Phone control is the newest system offered by Chamberlain and it looks to capitalize on the smart phone revolution, which has been making almost everything more convenient and easier to access. In a MyQ system, much more than your garage door is effected. In addition to being able control all of the functions of your garage door remotely you will be able to control all of the lighting in your home remotely. This makes it easier to ensure that you are not wasting energy when not around the house in addition to making sure that your home’s entrances are secure. In the image on the left you can see that MyQ allows for customization of notifications which allows you to get exactly information you want when you want it. This can be very helpful to homeowners who may not be around when their children return from school for the day. By having a MyQ system installed on your home you will receive a notification once they door has been opened, if it has been closed or if it is opened again, providing peace of mind to the parent that their children are home. Of course if you are on vacation the MyQ application is an easy may to keep constant guard of your home even when you are not there. Overall the MyQ features are perfect for any home or business owner who wants to be in-touch with their security 24/7 even when they are not on location.
Whichever combination of features you need for your home or business our professional will help you find the right Chamberlain opener for you. In addition to Chamberlain you will also find a collection of the most popular garage door openers in the country are available from our technicians. This gives you the flexibility to find an affordably priced opener with all of the features that you desire.

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