Genie Garage Door Openers

The Genie garage door opener brand released their first opener during the mid-1950’s, since then they have been offering commercial and residential garage door openers as one of the biggest manufacturers in the United States. Along with many other popular opener manufacturers Genie helped to make garage door openers the convenient piece of equipment that they are today. Genie has two main types of openers that are available for residential use, those with a DC motor and those with an AC motor. While Genie is a very popular manufacturer of openers in the United States, and our technicians do complete services related to them, for all new installation, our professionals recommend Liftmaster brand openers. For more information on commercial openers that Philadelphia Garage Doors offers, please contact us via e-mail.

140V DC Motor Openers

genie triloG opener

The Genie TriloG 1500 is one model available with a 1HP DC motor.

Genie offers powerful 140V DC motor openers which can quickly open and close your garage door with the simple push of a button. The Genie TriloG 1500 is an opener which offers opening and closing speeds as fast a foot per second. In addition to that power which a 140V Dc motor can bring each model has features that can make your garage more usable or your day-to-day activities a little more convenient. The TriloG 1500 offers a 1HP, while the other three models which come installed with a 140V DC motor all off 3/4 HP and speeds as quick as 10″/second for opening and closing. All four of these models of openers can have an additional battery installed so that the opener can continue to operate even, during a power outage. Three of the four models of 140V motor openers also have motion activated lighting which activate’s the openers lighting as soon as you enter the garage.

140V DC Motor Models: TriloG 1500 and 1200, IntelliG 1200 and 1000


AC Motor Openers

genie g power 900

Genie GPower 900 is the AC Motor opener that Philadelphia Garage Doors offers.

AC motors provide homeowners with an opener which provides a much quieter function than that of a DC chain-drive motor. This comes in handy when dealing with garages which are located directly underneath bedrooms or other living areas where you want to minimize sound. Keeping everyone in the house happy, no matter what type of night the garage opener is used at. Of course this added benefit does come with an increased price tag, but is made worth the price because of the longer life span that AC motors tend to have. In addition to having an AC motor there are other features to the GPower 900 that are available. With a fifteen year limited motor warranty and maximum lifting power of 500 pounds, the GPower 900 was built to last and is meant to offer a long-term solutions to your garage door opener needs. Since the GPower 900 lasts so long, additional features like home automation systems and the Safe-T-Beam reversing system are also great to have so that even as your opener grows old, its features and capabilities will be cutting edge.

AC Motor Models: GPower 900

Additional DC Motor Models

ReliaG opener 600

The ReliaG 600 opener offers the most economical choice from Genie.

In addition to the 140V DC motor openers that were mentioned above, Genie also offers the ReliaG line of garage door openers. The ReliaG models offer residential customers the most economical choice when it comes to openers. This line will provide you with all the convenience that an opener has to offer without all of the fancy bells and whistles that can take a bigger hit on your wallet. The most basic model offered from Genie is pictured to the left and is the ReliaG 600, the features that come with the ReliaG 600 are a three button remote for opening and closing, five year limited motor warranty and Genie’s standard Safe-T-Beam reversing system which prevents unnecessary damage to your door. Other models of Genie’s ReliaG opener offer different features which may add additional protection or convenience. Customers can speak with one of our professional garage door technicians and by explaining their budget and needs to the technician, he will be able to recommend the right opener for you home.

ReliaG Models: 600, 650, 800 and 850

When speaking with one of our garage door technicians make sure to explain your exact wants and needs for your garage door and our technician will come up with the best choice to meet those needs and your budget. Already have an opener or know the model you want? No problem call on our technicians for your installation and we will be glad to assist you.

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