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LiftMaster is one of the industry leading names when it comes to garage door opener manufacturing. Their name is associated with a durable product that is going to last through a lot of wear and tear on your garage door. LiftMaster openers all come with The Protector System, this is a laser system placed at the base of your garage door that prevents the garage from closing if there is an obstruction in the way. This can prevent damage and can save a lot of headaches that can be caused by simple slips of the mind. LiftMaster has garage door opener models for both residential and commercial locations. Below you will find some of the LiftMaster residential openers that Philadelphia Garage Doors offers. For pricing and information on commercial Liftmaster openers call or send us an e-mail for more information.

Contractor Series

liftmaster opener

The contractor series of LiftMaster openers offers reliability and affordability.

The lowest level of series that LiftMaster offers is their contractor series of garage door openers. A contractor series opener can provide you with all of the reliability and function of a LiftMaster without having to pay a hefty price tag for additional features. Just like all of the other models of LiftMaster openers any model in the contractor series includes LiftMaster’s Protector System which prevents your garage from closing on your car or on any thing else which may find its way underneath of the garage as it closes. Not only will your garage door act to prevent damage, but you will have easy convenient access to your garage since all LiftMaster Series openers come with a remote controller that is programmed specifically to open your LiftMaster. No longer do you have to get out of the car punch in a code, or even manually open the garage, the contractor series from LiftMaster provides a good combination of affordability and reliability.

Contractor Series Models: 1345, 1355 and 3255

Estimated Cost With Parts and Installation: $350-$600 Contact for a Quote

Premium Series

premium series liftmaster

Premium series openers offer a lifetime warranty and upgraded features.

A premium series opener can offer you a lot more features and benefits than the contractor version of a LiftMaster opener. Each premium model has its own specific features so that the needs of each homeowner can be met. Two features which the premium series has and the contractor series does not are, a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty in addition to a three button remote, which replaces the contractor series one button remote. From here each model of the premium series offers a different combination of features and upgrades. Some premium models have a chain drive, while others a belt drive. Belt drives offer a quieter opening experience which some homeowners may desire if their garage is underneath of a bedroom or study. For the maximum features from the Premium series choose a 8360 model which has a DC motor as well as battery back up which allows opening during power outages.
Premium Series Models: 3240, 3265-267, 3280, 8355 and 8360

Estimated Cost With Parts and Installation:$450-$750 Contact for a Quote

Elite Series

elite series

Elite series offers you the best that LiftMaster has to offer for residential use.

LiftMaster’s Elite series is the class of residential garage door openers. Included with all Elite series openers is a Smart Control Panel, which gives owners a few beneficial features including; motion sensor lighting, time and temperature display, easy remote programming and advanced blocking of radio signals to make sure only holders of a remote are able to get inside of your garage. There are still varying models within the Elite series which each offer different benefits to the home owner. Some models offer MyQ technology which allows you to open or close your garage door from anywhere in the world using the MyQ app from your smartphone, while also receiving alerts whenever your door is opened or closed. Addition features include back-up batteries for use during a power outage as well as other advanced control panels. When it comes to residential use, the Elite Series will be the best that you can buy.
Elite Series Models: 8500, 8550, 8587, 3595, 8557 and 3585
Estimated Cost With Parts and Installation: $550-$950 Contact for a Quote
LiftMaster has garage door openers which can suit every need that a home owner has. Each model has a different combination of features and capabilities that makes it easy for you to find the right opener for your home. So whether you are interested in the contractor, premium or elite series speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians who will be able to recommend the correct model for your needs and budget. Philadelphia Garage Doors does also offer commercial Liftmaster models and those interested should contact PGD by e-mail with details about the overhead door that they are interested in having the opener installed on. One specific model of LiftMaster that deserves special note is the Lift Master Elite Series Model 8500, which is a wall mount jack shaft opener and differs greatly from every other model of LiftMaster opener. Since this opener is a wall mount opener it allows for extra space above the vehicle inside of the garage, which can be useful for those who have low clearance garages. Speak with our technician about the benefits and costs that are associated with an Elite Series Model 8500.

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