Raynor Garage Door Openers

Based out of Illinois and in business for over 65 years Raynor is another one of America’s leading garage door and opener manufacturers. Offering three distinct series of openers, Raynor likely had the opener that will fit your budget and needs. Residential customers can choose from the Premium, Deluxe and Standard series of openers to give themselves convenient access to their home. Commercial customers should contact us in order to receive an a more specific estimate based on their unique needs. Whether it is for home or business Philadelphia Garage Doors has the processional technicians to repair or install a new Raynor opener for your garage.

Raynor Standard

raynor corporal

The most modestly priced opener from Raynor is the corporal opener from the Standard line.

If you are looking for the dependability and value that a Raynor name brand opener can bring, but do not want to blow your budget, then the Raynor Corporal may be your best choice. The Raynor Corporal offers you the functionality and features that come standard with all Raynor openers at a reasonable price. Not only does the Corporal opener come with a 4 year motor warranty, but it also has the PosiLock Security System standard to ensure the security of your garage once you have left the home. In addition to providing security for your home the Raynor Corporal opener can help to prevent damage thanks to the Protector System, which prevents the garage door from closing should something become trapped underneath.
Estimated Cost With Parts and Installation: $350-$500 Contact for a Quote


Raynor Deluxe

raynor deluxe opener

Raynor Deluxe has extra features and additional customization options which makes the deluxe slightly more expensive than standard.

The Deluxe line of openers from Raynor offer you additional features that can not be found in the standard series. There are two deluxe models. The Raynor Pilot which is a half HP chain driven opener, and the Aviator II which is a belt drive. Deluxe is the lowest series available that has a belt drive option, which provides a much quieter opening experience than a traditional chain drive. This makes the belt drive logical choice when having the opener installed below a bedroom or other living space in the home. Belt drives do have a higher rate of necessary future service, Raynor compensates by offering a lifetime drive belt warranty. Of course in addition to the features mentioned above you get the standard features such as PosiLock and the Protector System that have helped give Raynor their reputation.
Estimated Cost With Parts and Installation: $450-$750 Contact for a Quote

Raynor Premium

raynor premium

Raynor Premium openers are top of the line. Pictured above is the 3/4 HP belt drive Raynor Admiral II.

The top of the line selection that Raynor offers is their premium series of openers. The premium series from Raynor includes three different opener models the Admiral II, Ultra II and the Prodigy II. The Ultra and Admiral models offer a 3/4 HP motor with the main difference between the two being that the Admiral has a belt drive, while Ultra uses a chain drive. The third model, Prodigy II, is very different from all other openers that Raynor manufacturers. This opener is intended for garages which can not support a traditional opener. Rather than being installed in the traditional overhead area, the Prodigy II model is side-wall mounted which allows it to accommodate tight clearance and custom system designs.
Estimated Cost With Parts and Installation: $550-$950 Contact for a Quote
With over a half century of experience behind them Raynor is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the garage door insdustry. Their innovation and advancementgs ahve broguh increased convienece and security to home and business owners. PosiLock, The Protector System and the MyQControl Panel are all standards in the industry and can make your garage door safer and more easily accessible. Whether you are on a tight budget or dealing with tight space restrictions, Raynor has the opener that can fit your needs or budget. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of Philadelphia Garage Doors’ professional technicians.

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