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Born as the dust settled to World War II, General Doors’ sole focus was on the production of wooden garage doors. That is, until the 1970’s when they first introduced their commercial steel door and then eventually moving onto residential steel doors during the 1980’s. The main manufacturing plant as well as corporate offices are located just outside of our city, but still within our coverage area, in Bristol. In addition to having multiple locations in several states, General Doors has partnered to make Artisan Custom Door Works right here in Pennsylvania. This puts custom garage door availability right in our own backyard. We highly recommend General Doors and work closely with them since they are not only an industry leader, but also a locally based company. General Doors has two main types of residential garage doors and Philadelphia Garage Doors offers full service to both. Interested commercial clients should contact us directly to speak with one of our technicians about a commercial garage door installation.

Standard Designs

general doors standard design

Pictured is cedar wood standard design garage door.

Standard design garage doors are going to be a cheaper option than a comparable carriage house design, simply due to the more basic nature of their aesthetic design. Coming in both steel and wood General Doors has the two most common garage door compositions for residential use to offer customers. Between these two types of composition each has three designs which are available; raised panel, flat panel and flush panel. Given these three unique looks and the two available composition types General Doors offers homeowners a good deal of flexibility in their design options, but it does not stop there. Color and additional insulation features are also customizable which allows you to get exactly the model of standard design garage door that you want for your home.

Many homeowners focus solely on the look of their General Doors garage door, but insulation is one of the most important functions of your garage doors. Non-insulated steel doors are the cheapest available option, but are so for a reason. Steel is a strong conductor of temperature so without insulation your home could face massive energy costs for heating and cooling. Wooden doors offer a more natural insulating function, yet can also be fitted with additional insulation to keep your home at the right temperature to drive down energy costs. Color choice is no issue thanks to the wide selection available from General Doors. They can find you the right color to match the exterior of your home.

Carriage House Designs

carriage house general doors

Carriage house doors offer a tirelessly classic garage door look.

Carriage house doors offer homeowners just about the same functions only with different styles. This selection of garage doors offers complex designs which may be more appealing to the eye than your standard design garage door that is offered by General Doors. Just as with the majority of standard design garage doors from General Doors, carriage style offers a range of models with and without windows, helping homeowners get the exact style to match their taste to.  Carriage style designs hearken back to a time when panel sectioning in garage door was not available and garage doors had to be opened in a swing-out or horizontal style. Take this into account, with the fact that General Doors offers so much customizable hardware and colors, makes General Doors a perfect manufacturer for your next garage door.

Opening a carriage door horizontally can get tiresome or frustrating for some owners. This is, after all, why garage doors moved to the overhead sectional position. Luckily General Doors can offer the look of a carriage garage door, but with the overhead function of a standard design. These specific models give homeowners the old-time detailed look that they want without the tiresome inconvenience that can come with the function of an old-school carriage style garage door. If this sounds like a perfect combination to you, then General Doors could be the right choice for your next garage doors.

Whichever style from General Doors that you choose to go with, Philadelphia Garage Doors has the know-how, tools and skill to install or repair your system. In the case of a fresh installation our garage door technician can walk you through the process step-by-step. Using your specifications and budget our technician will work to get the best match for your home. General Doors recommends Liftmaster openers with their garage doors and Philadelphia Garage Doors is one company that you know you can count on for the installation of a General Doors and Liftmaster system. Contact us today to find out about the last garage door features and functions that could be part of your home!

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