Have a Professional Service Your Garage Door Springs

What’s your garage used for? Most people will say the same thing, to hold my car, storage or a work area. All of these things can become a hostage of your garage if your garage door springs breaks. You see, the springs are what make opening and closing your garage an easy process, when one of them snaps or stretches out the use of your garage can come to a screeching halt. Now this may not seem like a big deal if you do not use your garage but if you do keep your vehicle inside the garage what are you going to do? Imagine it’s Monday morning and you are already running late for work when you go to open your door and nothing happens because a spring is damaged. Now what? Guess you will have to call your boss to let them know you will not be coming in today.

Garage Door Repairs The Right Way

And who likes to do that, not me and I’m sure not you either. So what do you do? The answer is simpler than you would think, with a quick phone call into our office we can have a skilled garage door technician at your home within a hour to fix whatever the issue may be. Since all of our garage door repair technicians carry a wide selection of various sized springs in stock in their mobile service unit you can be sure we will have the part you need to get your garage door working like it should. Since we have the ability to perform most garage door repairs with our same day service within a few short hours we can have you back on your way to work before lunch. The garage door can weigh close to 300 pounds and the springs contain enough tension to shatter a wall when they come unwound. This is why it is extremely important to only hire a professional garage door technician to repair your broken springs. Many people think it will be a quick do it yourself type of job, this is where they are mistaken.

Don’t Over Pay For Garage Door Services

In the last year there were countless injuries caused to DIYers trying to replace a broken garage door springs themselves, and after they got home from the hospital they still had a broken garage door which they needed to call in the pros for. a common mistake we see almost every day is when a customer has a friend or they do it themselves and change the spring the only change the one that was causing the problem, this is a big no-no, when you change the springs you need to change both of them if you only do one you will be leaving the one open for the chance of breaking as well. when they are not changed together the older spring cannot perform as well as the newer one making it work harder to perform the same task and after a while it will snap under the pressure which will either cause your garage door to come crashing down to the ground or stay stuck shut until both springs are replaced. If the door is open when the spring breaks you will have a much bigger issue to deal with than a spring. Since the door weighs close to 300 pounds when it comes crashing down with that much force anyone or thing under it will become destroyed and so will the door. The simplest way to avoid this type of situation is to let the skilled professional technicians at Philadelphia Garage Door take care of your garage door problems.