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Wayne Dalton is one of the nation’s leading manufacturer of garage doors and just like many other of the brand names that you hear about today was born during the post World War II suburban boom. Started in 1954 Wayne Dalton’s main manufacturing plant is based out of Ohio, similar to another leading garage door brand that Philadelphia Garage Doors services, Clopay. Wayne Dalton has hundreds of garage door options so you know that you will be able to find the type of garage door that not only matches the look that you want for your home, but also the operational features that you desire. Wayne Dalton’s garage doors can be separated into six main categories, which are by the components that make up the door itself. Below you will find a break down of each type for residential use, if you are interested in Wayne Dalton commercial doors please contact us directly for a quote.

Wood Doors

wayne dalton wooden door

Wooden doors from Wayne Dalton are top of the line products.


Wooden doors from Wayne Dalton offer you a durable and distinctive finish which can make your home stand out. With six different series of wooden door styles there is look that can match almost anyone’s taste. The 7400 Series is their top of the line brand of wooden doors and offer the most distinctive and bold looks. With nearly flawless carriage door replication these wooden doors can be fitted to look like carriage style doors while offering the ease of use and maintenance that standard panel doors offer. If you are still looking for the durability and look of a wooden door, but want to do so without breaking the bank then the 100 and 40 Series can provide you both while still being affordable. Due to the craftsmanship and labor that goes into wooden garage doors they tend to be the most expensive doors that Wayne Dalton manufactures.

Designer Fiberglass Doors

wayne dalton model 9800

Fiberglass doors can offer the look of a wooden door, but with lower maintenance.


With only one model available customers who are turning to the designer fiberglass option know exactly what they are looking for. The fiberglass design features an interior steel panel with wood-grain fiberglass finish on top. This provides customers with the look of a wooden door without the long term maintenance concerns. The wooden finish that is applied is ThermaTru’s Accugrain Technology which gives your door the most realistic finish possible. While the 9800 model is the only fiberglass model available all of the colors, hardware and panels are customizable so that you can get exactly the look that you want for your home. With all hardware and styles considered there are over 100,000 finished design options for the Model 9800 Wayne Dalton garage door.

Carriage House Steel Doors

wayne dalton carriage

Carriage doors offer a distinctive look for your home.


Carriage doors offer a very distinctive look for your home. Opening horizontally rather than vertically carriage house steel doors can add a complete different dynamic to your home’s entrance way. Options are also available to have a carriage style look while still opening with vertical panels, owners who are looking for this style may be better served by a Model 9400 Wayne Dalton garage door. Living in an area which must deal with high wind gusts? Wayne Dalton has garage doors which offer specific levels of wind resistance which can save you a great deal of money on repairs in the long run. Both the 8024 and 8124 models offer Miami-Dade wind load certification. This means that this garage doors were built and tested to with stand a high velocity hurricane zone as well as small and large missile impacts, making this garage doors one of the standards in durability.

Contemporary Aluminum Garage Doors

wayne dalton aluminum door

Aluminum garage doors can give the exterior of your home a more modern look.


Aluminum garage doors from Wayne Dalton offer you a very different look than any wooden or faux wood door would. They provide a modern look which consists of an aluminum frame supporting glass panels which can come in a number of different tinted glass finishes. They go perfectly with any modern looking home that may also have outdoor areas which the home owner wants to better integrate into the overall look of their home. Due to the limited amount of insulation provided this type of door is not likely to be a good choice for a homeowner living in a cold weather area. Although the insulation is limited aluminum garage doors from Wayne Dalton have fitted weather bottoms to prevent drafts in addition to leaks from entering your garage. Like all other Wayne Dalton garage doors the aluminum doors also come with their own manufacturer’s warranty.

Classic Steel Garage Doors

wayne dalton steel door

Steel doors are what most homeowners think of when envisioning garage doors.


Steel garage doors are the most common and classic garage door make that is available. From Wayne Dalton the steel classic garage doors are going to be your most economical choice. The most basic model garage door that Wayne Dalton carries is a steel door, model 8000, which offers no insulation and single sheet steel. Obviously skipping on these extra features means that you are going to be able to save a great deal of money. This may be a good choice for homeowners who have unexpected severe damage and need their door replaced as soon as possible at the lowest possible cost. There are models that offer additional insulation and other great features such customizable looks that allow for your steel door to have a matching design to the exterior of your home.

Specialty Vinyl Garage Doors

wayne dalton vinyl doors

Homeowners near the coast may benefit most from a Wayne Dalton vinyl door.


Vinyl garage door from Wayne Dalton are renowned for their resistance to wear from sand, moisture and wind. This makes them a top choice for homeowners who are located near the coast. By choosing vinyl over a traditional steel or wooden door you are increasing the lifespan of the garage door that you are having installed at your coastal home. Since vinyl doors do not rust, crack or dent you can count on low maintenance and a fresh finish for years to come. Polyurethane insulation is coated onto the vinyl garage doors  to ensure that the vinyl doors will still be able to provide you with same energy efficient benefits that some of the other garage door makes can also provide. Weather trimming at the bottom makes these garage doors the top choice for residents in a low weather intensity coastal region where minimum maintenance is needed.
Which ever type of Wayne Dalton garage door you are looking for Philadelphia Garage Doors can help you through the process. Our professional technician will work with you to get perfect customization that matches the needs as well as aesthetic desires that a homeowner could have. In addition to the selection of great Wayne Dalton garage doors that Philadelphia Garage Doors carries we also offer many other name brand garage doors including Clopay and Amarr garage doors. Getting the look that you want for your garage door may only be one step of the process in upgrading your system as a whole. Philadelphia Garage Doors can also professionally install openers which allow for easy and convenient access to your Wayne Dalton, or any other name brand, garage door.

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